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Piano CD now shipping!

You can now get the physical CD for my original solo piano album “1.618” from CDbaby! JUST CLICK H...

Why I Left the Show

CANCER! DIVORCE! FAKERY! All of the above! JUST KIDDING!  My, how the rumors fly. Everyone insists that somet...
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Paracon 2014 – Minnesota

October 9-11, 2014: Come hang out with an amazing line up of folks from the Paranormal world! More Info! Ghost...

Origins Game Fair!

Come geek out with myself, my game company (Rather Dashing Games), and thousands of other geeks and game lover...


Scarefest! Sept 12-14th in Lexington, KY. Come hang out with Steve, Tango, myself and many other amazing peopl...

DragonCon 2014!

Finally, I make my return to Dragoncon.  It’s been 5 years and I miss my Atlanta Con buddies. Come to an AM...

Top Ghost Hunting Secrets!

Ok, so you want to know the top secrets to success on a paranormal investigation? Ok, here they are: 1. Treat ...

Piano FAQ’s

People have been asking a lot of questions about my piano songs. So…. Here are the questions and the answers (if you care) lol. 1. Is that REALLY you playing? – Yes that is me playing on my piano. 2. Did you write those songs? – Yes, I wrote all of the songs that are […]

Getting Started in the Paranormal

Ok, I am drowning in the emails asking questions like: “Grant, how do I get started in the field of paranormal research?” or “I am starting a group, man. You got any tips?” or “I toootally wanna b a ghost hunter. If U can tell me were 2 go 2 school 2 learn dat, dat […]